Minted Egyptian

Hatshepsut The original stories crafted about her reign were steeped in the opinions of the “Gentleman Scholars of a certain generation. More modern studies have uncovered profound evidence that she was a benevolent and loving stepmother in addition to being one of the most successful Pharoahs in history.

Warrior Princess

Khutulun Khan princess of 10,000 horses, the pride and glory of the Mongol Horde.  Khans’ Mongol Empire – it was, for the time, as big a deal as deals got. At its height, it was the largest contiguous empire in human history, stretching from China to Europe and the Middle East. The whole thing was …

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Earth Goddess Oolong

Hertha Ayerton Hertha Ayerton (1854 – 1923) was born Phoebe Sarah Marks and went by Sarah until, as a teenager, she adopted the name Hertha, after the heroine of a novel by Swedish feminist writer Frederika Bremer. Hertha was a smart girl and a good scholar. Her mother sent her to London to be educated …

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Cool and Clever

Kate Warne Already America’s first female detective, she’d also saved a President-elect from assassination. She had become a senior private detective years before women were allowed to join a police force in uniform, never mind as detectives. She was a trailblazerWarne was a deeply memorable woman whom Pinkerton named as one of his best five …

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Passionate Readers

Jovita Idár Jovita Idar (1885 – 1946) was a staunch defender of the first amendment, women’s rights and equality in education. Her father edited newspapers, and she was a professional journalist at the young age of 17. Her two brothers also wrote for her father’s paper – a vital source of news for the Mexican …

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Marie Curie Marie Curie’s curiosity led her to two masters degrees in Physics and Math, a PhD in Physics, and two Nobel Prizes.  The first (with her husband Pierre Curie) was in Physics, for the discoveries of Polonium and Marie Curie (1867 – 1934) is certainly not the last woman to be asked how she …

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Sarah Josepha Hale Author of Mary Had a Little Lamb, about a lamb that followed one of her students to school and waited patiently outside for her owner to come back out.  Sarah Josepha Buell Hale.  Not a suffragette – believed in traditional roles but nonetheless, pushed hard for women’s/girls education, women’s colleges, women doctors …

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Feel Better Blend

Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale’s wealthy family was disappointed and disapproving of her desire to work – and nursing? They just couldn’t fathom it. Despite their disapproval, she followed her heart, becoming known as “The Lady With The Lamp” while nursing in the Crimea. Her greatest achievement was to transform nursing into a respectable profession for …

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Lighthouse Lifeline

Ida Lewis Ida Lewis (1842-1911) was only 12 years old when she saved four men whose boat capsized in the Atlantic Ocean. Ida’s father was the lighthouse keeper on Lime Rock Island. She was young and strong – the best swimmer in her family, and the one responsible for rowing her siblings to the mainland …

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Irish Mists

Grace O’Malley Daughter of a County Mayo Chieftain and Sea Captain, she was discouraged from going to sea, so she cut her hair and dressed as a boy.  Legend says she saved her Father from an English intruder by leaping onto his back.  Married at 16 to the son of another Irish Chieftain, she took …

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