Premium Teas and Tea Experiences, inspired by outrageous women.

The flavors of our looseleaf tea blends are each inspired by a not-very-famous woman changemaker from history. These women are not-very-famous because we are normally taught HIStory … and we at Tea & Strumpets are more interested in HERstory.

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Women and Tea

In the Western World, tea has traditionally been both a product and an event around which women gather.

In fact, Tearooms were one of the first places outside the home where women could meet unescorted.

Consequently some of our biggest evolutions in women’s rights (so far) started over a shared pot of tea.

▶︎ We believe in a world where women and girls are empowered to change the world they live in for the better.

✸ We are doing our part to get inspiring examples of that in front of our audience.

❦ In our in-person events, we cultivate spaces where quirky personalities feel at home, and girls can accomplish anything.

The High Tea Experience

Enjoy the unique experience of a High Tea setting within the Texas Renaissance Festival

Who is the person behind it?

Rhonni has always been into hot teas. In Junior High she would prescribe “pink tea and a hot bath” to any friend feeling out-of-sorts. Being a baker, she also stocked her pantry with multiple tea options so that she could have friends “to tea” when the urge arose.

How did T&S come about?

It is no surprise that when Rhonni reached a place in her restaurateur journey where she could truly express herself … she designed a tearoom inside the largest Renaissance Festival in the US.
Of course, if she was going to have a tearoom, she should have her own line of teas. Decades of menu & recipe development experience and a desire to better share HERstories were then applied to this new platform of tea-blending.
When we built the tearoom, we wanted to cover all the ways that folks enjoy tea. Downstairs is a teabar with mimosas, avocado toast and our famous BLT.
Our love of tea and all the ways it can be experienced led us to create the tearoom, even though there was no physical space available for it (yet). We conjured the elevated deck to provide you and your friends a space above the downtown of TRF.

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