Escape the Turbulence

Tea and Strumpets tearoom opens each fall, during the magical window of time when the Texas Renaissance Festival is open. Like Brigadoon, an entire village rises from the mists … er … pines of Texas.

tea and macaron

Planning a day of adventure without exhausting everyone too soon is no easy balancing act.  Visit with us to enjoy the experience of blending High Tea and Fantasy in a spacious, tranquil setting.

 High Tea is your relaxing counterbalance to a high energy, fun-filled day. Perched high in the trees on the covered dining deck, this full meal experience will satisfy even the most discerning of your party members. With its generous presentation of decadent temptations, both sweet and savory, paired with a bottomless pot of our Tea du’jour, you will find something for everyone. And, should the desire arise, a full menu of Craft Cocktails is available to order through your Hosts at the upperdeck Bar.

Reserved by the table and allowing for plenty of personal space, this event is hosted once a day at the 2:00 o’ clock hour. It is perfectly timed to provide a moment of respite before continuing into your fun filled afternoon. 

Tickets are available for High Teas here on the TRF website.

This village only exists for 8 weekends every year, so book early, and make sure you get tickets to the festival, because you will need those to get to the tearoom.

Brunch Mary with Scotch Egg

New this Season- 

Brunch Marys… For Breakfast with a little Kick, at your own pace.

 Constructed from fresh breakfast ingredients and stacked to defy gravity, this Craft Cocktail Mary is the perfect start to a slower morning.  Hot, crisp tater tots, Queen’s Pantry Scotch Eggs and other morning favorites are used to crown these Brunch Marys and our Signature Micheladas. 

The New Brunch Mary menu is served upstairs in the covered upper deck dining room of Tea and Strumpets from open until 1pm.  Here you can enjoy brunch drinks, spacious seating, and a bird’s eye view of opening events all while planning the day ahead.

How would you like your tea?

We have options of interactive events each fall, and ethically sourced teas delivered to your door. Which is the better fit for you?

Onsite Events

We hostess High Tea during the Texas Renaissance Festival each fall. 17 days a year, you can enjoy a Formal Tea experience at 2pm on festival days.

Teas by Mail

(coming soon)
Our ethically sourced teas are available for purchase at the Festival. Each tea is inspired by a trailblazing woman whose story is part of the label.

Strumpet Stories

Too often the stories we gals find the most inspiring are tucked away as secrets of history. We are doing our part to bring those stories to light.

Work With Us

We will be hiring about a dozen people to add to our fall foodservice crew within the Texas Renaissance Festival. If you are looking for work in the Houston area in September through November of 2021, use the Contact form to send us a note. (Please note, all employees within the Texas Renaissance Festival must be vaccinated against Covid-19.)

Young girls in Renaissance costume with Alice and the Red Queen

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