Irish Mists (a breakfast tea)


  • Quick-brewing CTC (Cut Tear Curl)
  • February Tanzanian and June 2nd flush Assam
  • Stout tea, normally served with milk
  • High caffeine levels
  • Rich brick color and slightly malty flavor


She has a dozen names … in Irish Folklore she is Gráinne Mhaol,  but she was a real person. Granuille, Gráinne O’Maly, Graney O’Mally, Granny ni Maille, Grany O’Mally, Grayn Ny Mayle, Grane ne Male, Grainy O’Maly, and Granee O’Maillie. All are versions of her actual name, Gráinne Ní Mháille. Grace O’Malley was the well known Pirate Queen of Ireland, who knew the coastal waters so well she could disappear at will, into the mists. Grace was captured twice, negotiated her own release twice, married twice and divorced once. She had at least two sons, having given birth to the youngest on board her ship.  She famously stormed the castle of another son when he aligned with her enemies. The youngest,  captured by the British, caused her to travel to London to meet with Queen Elizabeth I. She refused to bow to the virgin queen, as Grace did not see her as the Queen of Ireland.  Grace still managed to negotiate her son’s release, payment from the Queen for lands stolen from her, and the return of the lands. She got the money and her son, and was able to leave London with her head still firmly attached to her neck.

Irish Breakfast Tea is stronger than English Breakfast tea, and is known to brew up red and slightly malty in flavor. Ireland has a robust dairy industry, which is reflected in how the locals like to consume their hot tea. This is a CTC blend (cut,tear,curl) and thus brews quickly. While the strong tea is marvelous when served hot with milk, it makes a remarkable iced tea as well.


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