Magic Teamaker


Introducing the Magic Tea Maker, a tea and coffee brewing system –

The ultimate solution for effortless and precise brewing.

The patented automatic shut-off system ensures a perfect pour into your favorite mug every time, releasing the liquid only when the 16.9 oz. tea maker is placed on a cup.

Customize your brew to perfection by filling the filter with your preferred loose tea or ground coffee, then pour the correct temperature of water and steep to your desired strength.

⭐️ Experience unparalleled convenience with the Magic Tea Maker’s automatic flow control, which stops pouring as soon as the device is lifted, preventing spills and mess.

With fine filtration for a smooth, sediment-free beverage and a safety-conscious design that keeps the base cool to the touch during use, the Magic Tea Maker revolutionizes your tea and coffee ritual, delivering the perfect cup with every brew.

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