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Tea & Strumpets Tearoom opens each fall, during the magical window of time when the Texas Renaissance Festival is open. Like Brigadoon, an entire village rises from the mists … or rather … pines of Texas.

Join us for formal tea on any festival date. Tickets are sold in advance so that we can make arrangements for mobility issues. Each of our daily tea events is a full meal. High Tea is served at 2pm on festival dates.
Magical village = made up rules. While we do serve a formal tea … it’s not a Victorian Tea and there is no specific dress code. We serve barbarians, princesses, fairies, cosplayers of all sorts and folks who have dressed comfortably for a day at the festival.
Real china, yes
Tablecloths, yes
Fancy hats, only if you want to.

We placed this distinctly Victorian concept inside a Renaissance and fantasy park. It wasn’t easy marrying the concepts. We call our meals what we like, at the time of day we want to serve them. Table service is a blend of fine china, wooden shelves, and tiered plates. Rather than hiding away within a quaint cottage, our dining room is perched on a deck above the busiest part of Newmarket Village.

The Tea and Strumpets venue has a downstairs tea bar and toast menu, along with our mimosas and signature cocktails. Upstairs the tearoom has another bar and dining room, which is mostly booked with pre-ticketed events like formal teas, though beginning in 2021, we are serving Brunch Marys until 1pm daily

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I just order tea in a china teapot?

We only serve on china during our seated tea events at 1pm and 4:00pm, or at a tea-themed catered booking through TRF Group Sales.

Is a ticket to TRF included in the price of an event?

No, you will need to buy tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival separately.

Do the Tea Events happen rain or shine?

Yes, we have a substantial roof over the Tearoom dining area and are able to comfortably serve during rainstorms. The Texas Renaissance Festival is an outdoor event that is open rain or shine as well.

Can I just buy my tickets at the festival on the day of my visit?

Maybe. It would be best to check online to see if there are seats available on the day you want to come. Tickets are date and time specific, so it is possible that someone has purchased all the tickets available for any specific date. If you are unable to check online, or you simply woke feeling lucky, we recommend stopping by shoppe #7 early on the day of your festival visit to try and purchase tickets for that date. Please know that we cannot properly accommodate all dietary restrictions with this smaller lead time.

Is there different pricing for children?

We do not have a separate children’s menu, thus all servings and ticket prices are the same regardless of the age of the consumer. The two daily events are priced differently from each other, as they have different menus (one “meatier” one “sweetier”).

Can you make accommodations for a GF or vegetarian diet?

Yes, though we need 24 hours advance notice. We cannot offer discounts on our ticket prices in regards to these diets.

How long does a Tea event last?

Our tea events are designed as a time for you to visit with friends, new and old around your table. They last around one and one half hours. We will refill your teapot should you need it. Our signature cocktails are available for purchase as well.

Can we just call and order our tickets to High Tea? This internet stuff is hard.

Yes, though there is an additional $5 charge for phone bookings, and no discounts can be applied via phone.

What about a question not answered here?

Email your questions to info@TRFtea.com and we will get you an answer as soon as we can. ** Please be aware that emailed correspondence is only viewed  between 9 and 5 during the week then just prior to opening and upon closing during festival days. Any changes made by email or voicemail are not secure until a staff member has contacted you and confirmed the change.

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