Iced Tea, cardamon

The different worlds of Tea and Strumpets are a Venn diagram that overlaps at “Playful”.

Our onsite events occur within the largest Renaissance festival in North America. Our product line comes right to your door.

The phrase Character Teas can mean 2 different things in the 2 worlds. Onsite, you are having a formal meal with a skilled actor. With our products you are learning about an important character from history while drinking the premium, ethically harvested tea that was inspired by her.

Our founder Rhonni discovered the joy of premium teas in college. Friends could come over for tea and an aromatic study hall at her apartment while she baked breads for her weekly subscription bread customers.

Tea fueled the majority of her businesses, including decades of owning and developing foodservice businesses within seasonal theme parks. Though she wasn’t in the Tea business itself until 2018, when she got to design and build her own tearoom within the Texas Renaissance Festival. From building to menu, cups of tea were in hand during the decision making.

Good tea was always fueling the story, but in 2019, good tea *is* the story.

“From the moment I first lived on my own, tea was my most reliable and trusted roommate.” Rhonni

Our Vision

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A world where little girls know the stories of innovative women who have come before them …
where ethically sourced tea is the norm due to demand from customers …
and where a cup takes you inside the story.

Our Mission …

  • Remarkable women
  • Ethically harvested teas
  • Storytelling, in print and in person
  • HerStory in each cup.

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