Virginia Apgar

Virginia Apgar (1909 – 1974) always believed that being a woman didn’t impact her career – at least, that’s what her National Institutes of Health profile claims.  Privately, though, she was known to express her frustrations with gender inequality.  The facts verify her private opinion – Virginia became an anesthesiologist because no one would allow her to become a surgeon. Anesthesiology was a brand new science at the time, so women were allowed – Virginia was one of the first trained anesthesiologists.

Despite the obstacles her gender posed, she made a permanent mark on the health and welfare of birthing mothers and newborn babies – the Apgar Scale for newborn health is the worldwide standard to this day. Virginia is an excellent role model for strumpets, and we made a tea in her honor – we call it Five-Points, an ooh-la-la refreshing raspberry green tea.